Jaime Hernández

AR/VR Developer

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Working Experience

Feb/23 - Current
MR Engineer
JitSik LLC

Feb/23 - Current

Designing and developing Mixed Reality driving simulation app for the Meta Quest devices supporting custom hardware inputs for steering wheel and pedals.

  • Support of working pipeline using git, GitLab, GitHub and Meta Quest Store.

  • Mentoring internship students with engineering practices and design principles.

  • Assisted to conferences related to VR and transportation industry.

Unity, Meta Quest SDK, custom hardware.

Sep/21 - Jan/22
AR/VR Developer

Sep/21 - Jan/22

Main developer of XR applications using Unity and SparkAR Studio:

  • Design and prototyping Virtual Reality educational application in Unity that can be controlled and monitored using its mobile companion app also developed in Unity by myself.

  • ArchVIz VR interactive galleries.

  • Instagram filters and effects.

Unity, SparkAR, Oculus Integration, ARFoundation, XCode, App Store.

Apr/21 - Aug/21
Junior Front-end Engineer

Apr/21 - Aug/21

Feature implementation, maintenance and testing of front-end side of in-house applications. Support to other teams with script automation of Google Workspace products and data processing.

Angular 10+, Google Apps Script, JavaScript, Tailwind CSS

Jun/18 - Oct/19
AR Developer
Innovación Digital Carso

Jun/18 - Oct/19

  • Leaded Unity development of RA Infinitum and Claro RA (AR apps):

    • Increased rating in stores by improving user experience and quality overall.

    • Enhanced content quality and speeded up creation processes by 4.

    • Refactored and optimized application components.

    • Replaced Vuforia by MAXST SDK for cloud target recognition.

  • Released around a dozen Facebook camera effects.

Unity, C#, Spark AR, JS, ARKit, MAXST AR SDK, Github

Aug/16 - Apr/18
Software Developer
Alucina Studio

Aug/16 - Apr/18

  • Developed client side of gamified app in Unity.

  • Programmed 3D components of MomentoMX.

  • Developed Gear VR application with 3D content and 360 videos.

  • Front-end of several websites (mainly using Pixi.js).

Unreal Engine, Unity, C#, GearVR, HTML/CSS/JS, three.js, Node.js, Electron

Nov/15 - May/16
Software Developer
Intus. Comunicación Inteligente

Nov/15 - May/16

  • Developed several interactive applications in Unity using non-conventional peripherals as cameras, large touch screens, photo printers, projectors and Kinect.

  • Programmed custom hardware.

Unity, C#, Python, TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine, Arduino, Raspberry PI, HTML5/JS, three.js

Jan/13 - Jun/14
Junior Unity Developer

Jan/13 - Jun/14

  • Developed real-time architectural visualization of real estate and museums.

  • Programmed several AR prototypes and demos.

  • Improved graphics quality and user experience in several applications.

  • Implemented better and realistic materials and illumination in Unity scenes, including programming custom shaders.

Unity, UnityScript, C#, Vuforia, ShaderLab, GLSL, Oculus SDK


2009 - 2014
Computer Engineering
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Mexico City

2009 - 2014

Emphasis in Computer Graphics and Natural Language Processing


From July 2018
to July 2020

Unity Certified Developer
Unity Technologies
From July 2018 to July 2020


3D Modeling - Blender
Win/Mac/Linux user
Custom Hardware
Android/iOS deploy
Problem solving
Substance Designer


Full proficiency
Basic proficiency